The Platform Factor – Labor Positioning Machines Producing Good Results for NY Apple Industry

This work was supported in part by the New York State Apple Research and Development Program and by the New York Farm Viability Institute.

Apple growers around the world are motivated to plant tightly spaced orchards for a variety of reasons, but the driving factors in the Lake Ontario Region, of New York, are the rapid attainment of high yields, good fruit quality, long-term productivity, high profitability, and higher labor efficiency. The Tall Spindle system has proven to be an excellent orchard design for more than 40 NY apple growers in our region. This system has achieved high early yields, high sustained yields, and excellent fruit quality while combining high tree planting densities, highly feathered trees, minimal pruning at harvest and over the first three years, branch angle manipulation, constant limb renewal during dormant pruning, and strict crop load management techniques. [Read More]

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