Tractor-Mounted, Out-Front, Elevating+Tilting, Two-Man Orchard Platform

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  • This Two-Man Orchard Platform is particularly suited to orchards planted in hilly terrain
  • The Two-Man Orchard Platform is mounted in front of the front wheels of an open-cab Tractor
  • It is preferable that the Tractor have a Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Tractor steering and forward speed can be controlled from the Platform Deck (no one in the driver’s seat) – or – Tractor can be operated as normal from the driver’s seat
  • Deck is 7’-0” wide x 4’-0” long
  • Deck can be hydraulically raised/lowered between 1’-6” and 5’-0” above the ground
  • Deck can be hydraulically tipped 15 degrees left or right from level
  • Deck surface is aluminum serrated plank channels
  • To provide full height access to the trees adjacent to the edges of the Platform, there are no interfering railings around perimeter of Deck
  • To allow compliance with OSHA fall protection requirements, a Harness Rail Frame is provided for attachment of Fall Protection Body Harnesses
  • Harness Rail Frame is located 6’-10” above the Deck surface
  • The Harness Rail Frame has two parallel rails, one for each man on the Deck
  • Tractor steering and forward speed is controlled from the Platform Deck by means of a radio Remote Control Fob with pushbuttons
  • The Remote Control Fob controls a Gearmotor to turn the Tractor steering wheel and controls a Linear Actuator to operate a forward speed lever
  • An emergency stop button is provided at waist level above the Deck
  • Fork tubes at the base of the Platform frame allow the entire Platform assembly to be easily lifted from/installed onto the Tractor with a forklift
  • Some of the orchard operations for which the Orchard Platform is useful are: stringing and fastening multiple trellis wires, installing wire tighteners and vertical support wires, fastening trees to the wires, dormant and summer pruning, hand thinning, installing mating disruption dispensers and more