Tractor-Mounted, Out-Front, Elevating+Tilting, Two-Man Orchard Platform

Out-Front/Tilting #1
Out-Front/Tilting #2

The LaGasse Orchard Out-Front, Elevating +Tilting, Two-Man Orchard Platform is particularly suited to orchards planted in hilly terrain.

The Two-Man Orchard Platform is mounted in front of the front wheels of an open-cab Tractor.

Tractor Requirements: Hydrostatic Transmission required; Continuous hydraulic flow such as from Power Beyond; Four-wheel drive recommended.

Tractor steering and forward speed can be controlled from the Platform Deck (no one in the driver’s seat) – or – Tractor can be operated as normal from the driver’s seat.

Deck is 7’-0” (2.13m) wide x 4’-0” (1.22m) long.

Deck can be hydraulically raised/lowered between 1’-6” (.46m) and 5’-0” (1.52m) above the ground.

Deck can be hydraulically tipped 15 degrees left or right from level.

Deck surface is serrated aluminum bar grating.

To provide full height access to the trees adjacent to the edges of the Platform, there are no interfering railings around perimeter of Deck.

To allow compliance with OSHA fall protection requirements, a Harness Rail Frame is provided for attachment of Fall Protection Body Harnesses.

Harness Rail Frame is located 6’-10” (2.08m) above the Deck surface.

The Harness Rail Frame has two parallel rails, one for each man on the Deck.

Tractor steering and forward speed is controlled from the Deck by means of a miniature Joystick connected to the electrical enclosure by an armored cable.

The Joystick controls a Gearmotor to turn the Tractor steering wheel and controls a Linear Actuator to operate a forward speed lever.

The Joystick is large enough to be easily operated when wearing thick winter gloves.

The Joystick is provided with attachment hardware to allow it to be clipped to Body Harness webbing or a belt or a pocket.

An emergency stop button is provided at waist level above the Deck.

Fork tubes at the base of the Platform frame allow the entire Platform assembly to be easily lifted from/installed onto the Tractor with a forklift.

Some of the orchard operations for which the Orchard Platform is useful are: stringing and fastening multiple trellis wires, installing wire tighteners and vertical support wires, fastening trees to the wires, dormant and summer pruning, hand thinning, installing mating disruption dispensers and more.

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