Forklet-Type Bin Trailer – Five Bin Capacity

Forklet Type #1
Forklet Type #2
Forklet Type #3

The LaGasse Orchard  Forklet Type Bin Trailer is towed (or pushed) by a Tractor with a rear (or front) three-point hitch and is designed to quickly and efficiently pick up, transport and place a series of five 20 bushel Bins.


  • Bin Trailer is backed over a series of five Bins (presumes Bins are touching each other)
  • Bin Trailer is lowered (hydraulically) to the ground
  • Forklets are inserted (hydraulically) into the space between the floor and the runners of the Bins
  • Bin Trailer is raised (hydraulically) lifting Bins approx. 15 inches off the ground
  • The tractor moves Bins into Orchard aisle and places them (as a series of five) where needed by pickers
  • Bin Trailer travels to other parts of the orchard to relocate Bins as necessary to service picking crews

Forklets are positioned such that the Bin Trailer is capable of transporting five full wooden bins (approx. 47” x 42” x 32” high) or five Macro 32/33 plastic bins (approx. 49” x 45” x 30” high).

A manually operated Bumper is lowered when transporting wooden bins and is raised when transporting Macro plastic bins.

Tail of Bin Trailer is flared to facilitate aligning Trailer to Bins.

Overall dimensions of Bin Trailer are approx. 22’-6” long by 6’-8” wide by 5’-6” high.

A three-point hitch Adapter Frame with a standard 2 5/16” Ball and Coupler (or optional pintle hitch) is furnished with each Bin Trailer.

Frame and subassemblies are powder coated.

Bin Trailer comes complete with Hydraulic Cylinders, piping, and hoses; Hoses to/from Tractor are provided with quick couplers.

Two Hydraulic Control Circuits are required on your Tractor for operating the Forklet Type Bin Trailer:

  • Wheel Slide EXTEND/RETRACT as a Selective Control Valve
  • FORKLET EXTEND/RETRACT as a Selective Control Valve

Forklet insertion force is regulated by a pressure reducing valve.

Four or Six Bin Capacity Trailers are available on special order.

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