Munckhof Harvesting Machines


Pluk-O-Trak harvesting machines are known for their increased picking capacity and the ability to minimize the risk of damage to the fruit.

This machine enables trees to be fully harvested from top to bottom without the need to use a second harvesting system.

The Senior is the most suitable model for applications in larger orchards planted with trees up to 4 meters high and with rows of 4 meters wide.

The Junior is the most suitable model for applications in orchards planted with trees up to 3.5 meters high and with rows of up to 3.5 meters wide.

This machine considerably reduces the amount of labor required.

Tree Shaker

This machine has been constructed to comply with the increasingly greater demand for machines with a high picking performance.

It is used to shake cherry trees, but can also be used in apple and pear orchards.

The fully automatic model with sheeted trailer simplifies harvesting as the pickers do not have to roll out the ground sheet.

The semi-automatic model simplifies and speeds up harvesting.

The tree shaker has an enormous shaking capacity and delivers considerable labor savings.